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(2018) The fool or the joker goes back a long time. They were already present in Ancient Egypt times. Now they are mostly known from his face on playing cards or as a funny costume. This fool was famous for balancing between amusement and criticism. He was an outsider that was cherished for his advisory position at the centre of power, the king's court, where he challenged social conventions.

How to start? First of all people have to learn to reinvent themselves by learning to play the fool again. A Fool Around is an optimistic movement inspired by the historic character of the fool, attempting to revive it step by step. It can teach us to take life a little less seriously and challenge the social conventions. Let's take over the throne of the king for a day and turn it into a bouncing ball. Let's fool around some more! 

This project was shown at the DDW 2018. The orange HUH was placed at the Museumplein in Amsterdam on the 3rd of December. Read more about in it in my blog.