Kom je hier vaker?

“Do you come here more often / Kom je hier vaker?” is a sticker for the Dutch public transport. It is stuck onto the table in between four chair and it invites travelers to start a conversation with funny questions and examples.

The train is one of the most shared place in the Netherlands where all kinds of people and cultures are mixed and sit down together. Some would like to talk but aren’t too sure how to start. With this in mind, this big and colorful sticker was made to spark conversation.

The train is not just a connection between cities and villages; It is a possibility for interconnection. Get to know each other by having an amusing conversation. Before you know, you’re no longer strangers, but friends, enemies, in love or surprised. The journey might be over, but the meetings and stories continue to travel along and stick to us.

An example of part of the sticker can be viewed and downloaded here. The Christmas version in NS-style can be found hereThis is for Valentreinsdag.