Exquisite corpse 

As a kid I would play a game with my friends, during class. We would each have to draw a part of a character, without seeing the other person’s contribution and fold the pages so you could still see where to draw. It would lead to hilarious mash-ups of funny limbs and cartoonish facial expressions. This game called ‘exquisite corpse‘, was popular among surrealists at the start of the 20th century. Now, a hundred years later, we have entered the Corona-era. At home, possibly a tiny bit bored… but there’s still paper and pen around. Let’s make the biggest ‘exquisite corpse’ ever, together! Click here for the explanation and download (Google Drive PDF). 

So, are you an enthusiastic drawer, illustrator, creative or someone that owns pen and paper? Anyone can join the fun, regardless of age, profession or shake hands! Put your screens aside and fill in the blanks. Share it with your friends, family, strangers, roommates and neighbors. All contributions can be sent to paulinewiersema@hotmail.com. I will put them all together and make it into the BIGGEST COLLABORATIVE DRAWING EVER (insert voice full of excitement)! Using simple black lines, we can connect the whole world in one big, handmade picture.