Exquisite Corpse workshops

As a kid I would play a game with my friends where we would each draw a part of a character, without seeing the other person’s contribution. The other person would continue, without knowing what the first one made. This led to hilarious mash-ups of funny limbs and cartoonish facial expressions. Much later I learnt that this game, called ‘exquisite corpse‘, was popular among surrealists at the start of the 20th century. Now, a hundred years later, we have entered the Corona-era. At home, possibly a tiny bit bored… but there’s still paper and pen around. Let’s make the biggest ‘exquisite corpse’ ever, together! Click here for the explanation and download (Google Drive PDF). 

This project was picked up by De Lindenberg, in Nijmegen, and turned into a drawing workshop for kids at primary school.