Peace of Cake, proposing a new statue for the women of Egypt to be built on Tahrir Square.

2020 Trump cupcake, about to blow up Iran and its cultural heritage

Cake mixed and made in the White Desert of Egypt, on fire. Including star-shaped sprinkles.

The remnants after the Peace of Cake presentation.
Balloon in Arabic says: “for the sweetest girl”.

Peace of Cake

(2020, work in progress) Cake gets in everywhere. There’s cake when we’re born. There’s cake when we die. And there’s many more cakes in between those two inevitable moments. There’s divorce cakes – marriage cakes – I’m-sorry-I-forgot-your-birthday-cake-cake, just-because cakes, elections-cakes, a cake for the atomic program in the 40’s, liberation cakes, ‘off to war’ cakes. The Romans would offer cakes to their gods, waiting to gobbled up by Hera or Poseidon. There is cake at the Dutch ministries and the United States of America have written a special cake cutting guideline for their Marine force. So, if cake gets in everywhere, how can it help me to get me in everywhere?

Peace of cake is a research project in collaboration with the University of the Underground, currently delving into the historic, cultural and futuristic aspects of cake, confetti and celebration. And research = action + information, which led to spontaneous Trump cakes, cake made in the White Desert, cupcakes about the research papers and much more to come.

The first Peace of Cake was made in Cairo to celebrate the women of Egypt and proposes to celebrate them with a statue at Tahrir Square. Together with the fantastic team of Cakes Land Egypt, the design became reality and was presented (and eaten, obviously) at Hizz, Cairo on January 20!