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The Netherlands, 2040. The increase of prices for vegetables and fruits has continued steadily over the years. A healthy diet has become a luxury for most people.

Sponsored by © presents a disturbingly simple solution to a complex problem: companies will get the opportunity to sponsor products in this new supermarket. By doing so, the price can stay low and unrefined products can stay accessible for everyone. In return, companies can put their advertising in and on the products. For those that have some more money to spend, a Premium version is available without any of the advertisement from sponsoring companies. One luxury replaces the other… Come and get yourself some KLM Milk, Dela bread, Maestro Elite nuts mix, Tata Steel spinach or Shell oil.

Exhibited from February 22 until the end of April in CUBE Design Museum at Kerkrade, as part of the exhibition about luxury. A project developed together with Thieu Custers.

Part of Channelling Change exhibition by VDF x Venture Projects, Dezeen, April 2020.

Part of the World Expo 2021 in Dubai, the Dutch Pavilion.