(2020) Twenty-twenty started off as a hopeful new era but rapidly changed into one of the most disastrous years known to modern human history. Worldwide, people were doing ‘crisis management’ at the top of their game. With the restrictions, lockdowns and the breaking news day that kept on coming, there was enough to respond to and design for.

On December 30, the ‘face of Nijmegen’ was decorated with one of the biggest facemasks ever made. It reads: 2021: VENI VIDI VACCINATIE, to celebrate the end of the year and prelude the new one with a hopeful message. 

During the first lockdown, I designed a sticker for the traffic lights that showed how to press the button with an elbow. It went viral and the municipality of Rotterdam (accused of being responsible for this) ended up somewhat adopting the idea by printing their own stickers, stating that ‘there was no need to press the buttons for the time being’. 

I started a campaign to cancel 2020: years are a social construct. If we all commonly agree that this year didn’t happen, we can wipe the slate clean and re-do the entire year. It is a thought experiment meant to reflex on the year, together. 

I also made a WOKE WORST for the ‘woke people’ out there, inspired by the rookworst of Hema. And then there were some animations, a satirical video calling for Germans not to go on holiday to the Netherlands (Bleib zu Hause!) illustrations and a whole lot of reading. 

Happy new year(s)!