In order to shift our perspectives, we need some ‘oh’ and ‘ah’ and ‘HUH’ first.

About Wiersema!

What: Wiersema! is a Dutch art and design studio by Pauline Wiersema. It dives deeply into complex issues and translates them into accessible concepts with the help of a self-developed HUH method. She brings together a fine mix of confusion, humor and participation. This leads to experiences, interactive installations and campaigns that attempt to make your brain crack out loud and replace fear of the unknown for curiosity. 

How: Wiersema! uses an everlasting energy of radical optimism, active research methods and unconventional interventions. She works multidisciplinary, choosing the best medium to communicate a message optimally. ‘Thinking’ is turned into ‘doing’ and a whole lot of action. It is tuned in on the daily whereabouts of this globe and happily disrupts all-day life, inviting others to rethink their perspective. What do you need that HUH for? 

Why: Change starts with unusual methods. To break down existing paradigms and assumptions, we need refreshing and unconventional ideas. Wiersema! believes in the strength of unexpected dialogues, sparked by puzzlement and joyful experiences. She hopes to show the grey areas within the extremes, countering polarization step by step. Let’s keep working on a world that is kinder to us all!

Now: freelancer – art director – concept developer – copywriter (Dutch)  teacher of social design & creativity workshops – illustrator – live illustrations at events – pre-master’s student Sociology, EUR – newspaper lover – aspiring centipede and generalist – optimist

With: KETTER&Co, Studio Rocco VerdultAfdeling Buitengewone ZakenFactor-iDDFDesign Academy EindhovenHumanitasHAN hogeschool, Erasmus MagazineAtlanta Design FestivalZuyd HogeschoolDe VoorkamerNeimedStimuleringsfondsOpenbare Bibliotheek EindhovenKONT!CUBE Design MuseumDuurzaamste Kilometer van NederlandGemeente Rotterdam and more




Contact me at or give me a call at +31 6 46 731 732.

Click here to download the HUH method and check out my CV here!