The Womb in process

Big Baby

(2016) Walk around in a baby shop and feel the dazzling effect of the products around you. A newborn has only recently been able to handle the sunlight and is immediately overrun with overly present toys, diapers, teats and plush animals. From the day we are born, we are bombarded with consumerism.

The world of baby products is a crazy one where everything is made as safe, colorful, soft and beautiful as possible. It represents the underlying desires in the life of a grown-up in western society nowadays. We are giving the infant what we ourselves are so desperately longing for: safety, protection and carelessness. Wanting to act like big babies is the ultimate form of projection.

So why not give in to this feeling? Spoil yourself with stuff, comfort and induct yourself into the Baby Universe, where everything is colored, sweet, pretty and innocent. A world without any danger and pain, with rounded corners everywhere. Create a satisfying cocoon where you can hide for as long as possible. The world outside is non-existent.

Exhibited in MU Space in june/july 2017.