Duurzaamste KM van NL

(2020) In the city Leiden, the Netherlands, a group of enthusiastic people are working on plans to make the area around the central station more sustainable. That’s why they called ‘De Duurzaamste Kilometer van Nederland‘ into life (most sustainable kilometre of the Netherlands). By bringing together all kinds of durable and innovative plans, they hope to make the city more liveable and add to a greener future for us all. 

Together with Studio Aina. I was asked to start an interactive campaign with all kinds of interventions, visuals and events to put a spotlight on this initiative. We made lots of GIFs, did interviews with partners, gave out second-hand cups in the centre to talk about sustainability and made a ‘DKMNL tune’ together with a very talented musician, Bonno Getz. To be continued!