More or Less

(2020) “More or Less” is a self-initiated project that started as a study of marketing strategies in commercial advertisement and grew into a series of ads the way I like to see them – all accompanied by poetic texts.

“You can hide yourself in books on the philosophy of life, visit hundreds of churches just to taste the bread shaped as Jesus and invest in building friendships (friend-submarines go deeper than any other) with people that keep your secrets safely hidden in fortune cookies. They’ll have to be eaten as a whole if someone threatens to crack it all open. A few will take the risk. However, you might as well trust the advertisements all around you and buy that cornflakes box that contains more probable promises than deep-fried air. It will make your life as full as your belly, your mornings crisp like the sugar on top and leave the brain cloudless. The same accounts for granola bars, vegetable chips, puffed quinoa and yogurt from cows pictured next to a cute butterfly. “Buy me, I can fly!”. Any kind of trouble can be washed away by sipping on a soda, devouring guilt-free chocolate waffles and low fat margarine. We could burn all the books, fire the psychologists and flush down any kind of medicine, if all the slogans were full-on facts, not fairy tales. Instead, we’re shedding tears over battlefields we can’t eat, going more bananas every day – but at least we’re earning money doing so. (description of: More Money, Less Violence).”