Response by the municipality of Rotterdam

A sticker on top of my sticker to avoid confusion about the ‘whodunnit’ question

Fun designs inspired by the sticker: in Rotterdam, Rijswijk and by the Flemish government

The Elbow Economy

Corona has changed our habits drastically. One of the first thing to notice, was the way people press the buttons of the traffic lights. The elbow has suddenly been given a prominent place in our society… Make sure not to lick it beforehand! This sticker was a playful response to this change of behavior. 

This sticker intervention was picked up by the media and interpreted it as if it was done by ‘Rotterdam’, causing an outrage on social media by people who felt patronized by their government. This means I have officially turned into a municipality. Others found it to be highly amusing and took photos while doing it. Such a photo even ended up on a dating app, as a profile picture. Check out the articles at AD and Telegraaf. Up to this day, you can still find the sticker around in the city. 

Download the sticker here.