HUH has become the statement that characterizes my work: it symbolizes the confusion, the aha-moment and the unity that I wish to accomplish. It is a universal syllable: anywhere in the world, no matter which language you speak, people will understand that you don’t understand something when you say ‘HUH’. 

This has been inspired by my graduation project A Fool Around which calls for a reintroduction of the fool (or the joker) in modern times. This fool was famous for balancing between amusement and criticism. He was an outsider that was cherished for his advisory position at the centre of power, the king’s court, where he challenged social conventions. The main piece was a giant, orange HUH.

HUH Museumplein
On december 3 2018 the giant HUH was placed at Museumplein in Amsterdam, to replace the IAMSTERDAM that had been removed that morning. The intervention went viral and caused quite a stir: nearly all Dutch newspapers and websites covered the story and it ended up at the yearly report of NOS. Read more about it on my blog.

Since the start of 2019, A Fool Around has evolved into a design method for studio Wiersema!. What does your organisation need a HUH for? Contact Wiersema! for more information.